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We're Anxious to See You Succeed. Let's Get Started!

Many of our new clients expect a complicated, disruptive, and lengthy startup process, but that's not true for our online applications! We have perfected a highly efficient and affordable start up process so that you can start seeing the benefits immediately. Because our applications are web-based and user-friendly, we usually have new clients up and running the same day that they have initial training.

Step 1: Purchase Date

By purchasing one or more of our innovative products, you become one of our honored clients. Using the steps below, your organization can expect to fully implement DIYOS FaME tools within one week of the purchase date.

Step 2: Contact & Schedule Training

Within 24 hours of your purchase, we will call to schedule a comprehensive start-up session with your team where a client services technician will walk you through setup and product use in a live webinar.

Step 3: Initial Setup Training

During your one-on-one training your trainer will guide you through the setup steps in your account and suggest processes to customize FaME’s tools for your organization. Your team should budget around three hours for the training, though a little wiggle room never hurts.

Step 4: Ongoing Support & Setup

As you continue to work and set processes in your account, remember that you have unlimited access to our support team. We are available to help with any questions. We also encourage you to attend the Training Session to learn more about the products you own and services available to you as a client.

Step 5: Role Trainings

Once your account is fully setup to your preferences, it’s time to schedule training sessions with our software analysts for your employees and users. Role specific training sessions for your HR/Finance managers and staff are available for all of your users at no extra cost.

Step 6: Implementation Complete

Now that your account is up and running and all of your users are trained, let DIYOS work for you! Of course if you need any other assistance or help along the way we are always available. Please contact us with any questions by phone, email or the online chat feature.


We believe that our products are only as good as our service.

DIYOS team of dedicated professionals have worked with companies throughout India. Chances are, we've seen it before, no matter what “it” is. Our passion is serving as a strategic partner for your company and helping you become more successful with FaME. Just consider us an extension of your staff!

We know that in order to fully support you, we have to respond quickly and thoroughly to your requests. You don't need a dedicated IT department to use our products.

DIYOS to the rescue! We love providing highly reliable applications, great support, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll get the help you need when you need it.

Here is our commitment to you :

We will answer your phone call, be friendly and professional and do our best to resolve your issues quickly.

All DIYOS products include :

  • On-going support via phone, email, or live chat.
  • Regular product enhancements and updates based on your input.
  • Hosting, application, and data management.
  • 24/7 application monitoring.
  • Continuous firewall and virus protection

Why do we go above and beyond? Because we love our jobs. (And Our Management will take away our allowance if we don't.)

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