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    Because the number of employees/guards for each Housekeeping/Security Manpower Agency is quite high and there are lots of transfers from one to site to another, there is a requirement of a strong tool and you can simply rely on DIYOS FaME. We have excelled this process in more than 30 companies for more than 50,000 employees/guards. We worked on the industry so much that we know the exact daily problems being faced by the companies in the industry. With our experience we have designed the tool which will take care of all the calculations with a click of a button.

    All types of printouts can be taken e.g. Form XIX, Form XVII, Only Duties, Only OTs, Duties + OTs, Acquittance, Allowances, Bonus, Payslips etc. Just a single click and all the printouts required can be taken. All statutory norms are a part of the software.

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